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An Affiliate of OAUG

Privacy Policy

NWOUG Distribution List Acceptable Use:
Use of the NWOUG mail distribution list will be limited to messages: 

  • Directly from NWOUG about NWOUG business; 
  • To announce co-sponsored events (defined as events which are co-branded or co-sponsored by NWOUG such as Lunch & Learn or social events); 
  • Messages directly from Oracle Corporation regarding training opportunities, products and events; 
  • Messages from other affiliated user groups (OAUG, PSOUG, RMOUG, etc.).  

Email "blasts" will be sent only by a member of the NWOUG Board of Directors in accordance with the policies set forth above.

Vendor Communication to Members:
Vendors wishing to reach our membership with messages are free to post the event on our Facebook or LinkedIn page and we encourage this so long as events are in the general feed and jobs are posted under 'Jobs' (for Linked In).  We will monitor these posts and reserve the right to remove any post deemed inappropriate without notification.  Our membership can opt in or out of these feeds at their own discretion.

Privacy Policy:
We share member information with vendors only per current, established policy where we share the signup sheets for lunch and learn events with the sponsoring vendor for that event only.  We will not share the general membership list with ANY vendor, for ANY reason, period.  If any member wishes to abstain from receiving vendor communications after attending a lunch and learn, we will allow them to indicate this when registering for the individual event or when signing in at the event.

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