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Welcome to the NWOUG Online Journal, where our members can share ideas and experiences and enlighten others about challenges and solutions. Both vendors and users of Oracle technology contribute to the Journal. There is no deadline for submission. Whenever a sufficient number of articles have reached the end of the editorial pipeline, an electronic issue is assembled, and the NWOUG membership is notified by e-mail blast. 

We are always interested in your feedback, so feel free to send an email.


The Journal can be reached through the links below.

An electronic Journal was not published in 2011.


NWOUG is ALWAYS accepting journal articles.  Please e-mail your submission to journal@nwoug.org. Please use Microsoft Word format or plain text. It may not be possible to convert PDF into editable form, so PDF is not a reliable format for submissions.

Any content relevant to an Oracle user group can be considered. Especially encouraged are articles of the following types.

  • Technical notes that will teach the details of Oracle technology -- in programming, in database administration, in performance, or in any relevant area.
  • Functional notes that will help a reader work with any part of the Oracle application suite -- Business Intelligence, Financials, Primavera, JD Edwards, or any other.
  • Surveys of the fundamentals of relational databases, SQL, PL/SQL, and similar relevant topics -- no one can be an expert in all areas, so everyone can benefit from a refresher in an area where she or he does not work every day.
  • Experience from the front line -- how your group made a feature or application work or solved a technical problem.
  • Plans for using new technology and experience with new features -- so we can help each other keep ahead of the curve.

NWOUG does not impose a size requirement. The Journal editor may consider articles of any length. However, experience shows that the equivalent of 1 to 10 printed pages is most useful for readers; less is too short to cover most technical points, and more is too long to read in a single sitting. The equivalent word counts are 250 to 2,500.

Please note that figures may be moved for text flow. It's wise to include clear references in text and in captions so that graphics can still be understood if the figure has been moved.

The style for notes and references, if any are needed, is Chicago. This can be found at Chicago Manual Citation Guide.

An author of an article published in the NWOUG Journal retains copyright. NWOUG gains only the right to copy and distribute the article and to store it in whatever electronic format is useful for the purpose, and will give the author credit for the work.

Journal Advertisements

Journal advertisements are available. Below is the pricing per issue. We do not currently offer a full-year pricing agreement because of our distribution model.  Please contact our vendor liaison, Padma Ayala, at vendors@nwoug.org, to coordinate advertisement space in the Journal.

NWOUG Journal Advertisement Pricing

Banner ad – top of landing page when Journal link is clicked from our website


Banner ad – bottom of each page of the Journal


Half-page ad


Logo on Journal Sponsor Page


If you purchase a banner or half-page ad, your logo will be included on the Journal Sponsor Page at no extra charge.

Advertisements must be submitted in JPEG format. Please keep in mind that the images that you submit may have to be resized to fit into the available space in the document, and should be of good enough quality for that to happen without distortion.

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